WJM Brook is a writer, filmmaker, and composer. He has published a fantasy novel, entitled The Raven Quill: The Adventures of the Prince at the Monastery. He has written a long-evolved screenplay called The King’s Drink, a sequel to The Raven Quill, (though the former was written first), and plans to write The Sons of Rossë, as a sequel to The Raven Quill within the next year or two.

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W.J.M. Brook is co-founder and co-executive, (although as the channel is shared with a close friend, it’s quite casual), of Brook and Cook Studios, along with Gustav Cook.


He plays the Cameraman in the web series Smile for the Camera, (Brook and Cook Studios), which he also directs. The web series, which currently as four episodes as of the late November 2018, follows Melvin, a young boy, who is constantly pursued by a capital-seeking, camera wielding psychopathic scientist/psychiatrist who calls himself Cameraman, although “he is known by many names, like outlaw scientist.”

He also takes on the personality of Professor Gregory and occasionally Greg—Professor Gregory’s less arrogant twin brother—on Fake Community College, a parodical YouTube channel where they teach you all the wrong things in academic areas such as Art, Punrithmetic, Gym, Music, etc.

As for composition, he composes original scores for YouTube productions of his, such as Smile for the Camera, preferring the originality and control this provides significantly over the limited spectrum royalty free music provides.

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Yesterday, on the second of March 2018, I drew a sketch of the Tree of Gondor. I wanted to be able to share it, but it didn’t feel appropriate to put it on my main website, brookandcookstudios.wordpress.com. So, I created this website, where I will be sharing a few artistic endeavors mainly including, but not limited to, drawing and music composition.