Something salesmen often do is brand their product differently during different seasons and holidays. I figured out a way to do this in the autumn season for my book The Raven Quill. As you can see from the image above, I carved a pumpkin to have the words The Raven Quill. I did not plan it so, but the R looks like a raven. Actually, I engraved it first as a raven, then I realised it looks good also an R.

No, I don’t plan on being a salesman.

Also, until sometime on Christmas, all books sold will have a copy of my signature, (or is it really my signature? Maybe W.J.M. Brook is a pen-name. It is, for privacy reasons). I ought to clarify: copy of my signature means that I will not actually be signing each book individually. Instead, I will sign a white sheet of paper, scan it, and then insert the .JPEG into the title page or somewhere.

I know my signature at this point means little, but when I become the famous, broke writer I’m destined to be, (we’ll see), you can show everyone how you have a signed book from before I was famous. Sh, don’t tell them it’s not directly signed…


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